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Training on the “Job Suitability Assessment Method”

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Training on the “Job Suitability Assessment Method”

The Forhom Institute was commissioned by the Central Bank of Madagascar to train 14 of its executives on job suitability assessment.

The training course took place in the bank’s premises from 1 to 5 July 2019.

The majority of participants were executives from the bank’s Human Resource Department and Organisation and Strategy Department.

The training course dealt with the following three topics:

Topic 1: Objectives and issues of job suitability assessment

  • Organisational and functional optimisation of the structure
  • Setting up an effective and coherent remuneration system
  • Optimising human resource management: remuneration, training, talent management, etc.
  • The issues related to job suitability assessment: equity and transparency

Topic 2: Stages of implementing a job suitability assessment system

  • Analysing the organisation of existing sectors and jobs and auditing them
  • Job mapping and classification
  • Defining criteria for job suitability assessment and building the impact degree matrix
  • Finalising the job suitability assessment system: coherence analysis and smoothing
  • Introducing job suitability assessment in the structure: adjustment of HR tools and processes

Topic 3: Implementing a job suitability assessment project

  • Roles of stakeholders: Human Resource Department, managers, union representatives, resource people

    • Organising the introduction of a job suitability assessment system:

      • Development of the action plan
      • The job suitability assessment committee: establishment and operation
      • The role of resource people

    Regular updating of the classification system

Services fournis
lors de cette réalisation

 The services provided by the Forhom Institute for this training course were as follows:

  • preparation of the training course;
  • mobilisation of an expert trainer for the five training days;
  • training facilitation and evaluation;

preparation and dispatch of the certificates, training report and training documents in electronic format.

Formation intra
du 1 juillet 2019
au 5 juillet 2019