Human Resources consulting and training plan

Human resources management support and training course design assignments

Each year, the Forhom Institute carries out numerous assignments in order to transfer its expertise:

  • organisational audit and improvement of the human resources management system;
  • drawing up of reference guides for employment and skills;
  • setting up of strategic workforce planning approaches;
  • analysis of training needs and design of training plans;
  • development of training modules;
  • evaluation and support for the creation and/or management of training centres.

and support in implementing your projects

Designing and implementing new approaches and new tools often requires specific support.

The Forhom Institute offers you capacity building activities which may be structured around the following:

  • organisational and functional diagnosis;
  • definition of strategic development plans and action plans;
  • assistance in designing new approaches and in developing new tools;
  • support in operational implementation and change management;
  • analysis of training needs;
  • tailor-made action learning and training of trainers.

Request for support

Interested in one of our services?

Following your request, a training adviser will promptly contact you for further clarification. We will then send you a technical and financial proposal.

The areas of application vary, for instance:

Human resources management

  • Employment and skills reference guides
  • Strategic workforce planning

Management and performance of organisations 

  • Internal audit and procedure guide
  • Financial and performance audit
  • Quality procedures
  • Health, safety and environmental standards

Programme and project management

  • Information system and monitoring-evaluation tools
  • Design and management of dashboards

Vocational training

  • Evaluation and strengthening of training courses
  • Definition of teaching, architectural and equipment projects
  • Implementation of the skills-based approach