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Management de projets
Results-based management (RBM): programmes and projects evaluation

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  • Acquire an overall and coherent view on evaluating projects.
  • Master the evaluation process' method and tools.
Programme pédagogique

Example of a programme achievable in 5 or 10 days

Topic 1 - Evaluation's role in project management

  • The principles of results-based project management and its consequences on project management and its evaluation.
  • Evaluation's role in the project cycle:
    • the logical framework and the results framework: defining objectives, activities, results, indicators, and hypotheses;
    • the difference between the monitoring-evaluation, operational monitoring, inspection, auditing and evaluation of programmes and projects.
  • Benefit of evaluation in strengthening practices.
  • Relationship between monitoring and evaluation.
  • Different types of evaluation.
  • Measuring the achievement of objectives and results through the notions of relevance, performance, efficiency, effect, impact, sustainability, etc.
  • Institutional embedding of the evaluation system, relations with the partners.
  • The various actors' respective expectations and how to manage them.

Topic 2 - Preparing and conducting an evaluation of projects or programmes

  • Drawing up evaluation specifications.
  • Conducting an evaluation: o evaluation models;
    • data collection and analysis;
    • the assignment's organisation and resources;
    • the structure of a standard report.
  • Assessing the evaluation and presenting the evaluation report.
  • Analysing the evaluation reports.
  • Conditions for success and the limitations of an evaluation.
  • Capitalising on experience and good practices.
Public concerné
  • Executives involved in programme and project monitoring and evaluation
  • Managers of projects in the preparation or performance phase.
  • Government officials involved in setting up results-based management.
Bon à savoir
  • Participants are asked to bring along regulatory texts and contracts that they use in their work.
  • During the training course, practical work and case studies will be used to illustrate the project cycle of international donors (European Union, the African or Asian Development Bank and the World Bank).

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