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Assessing PPP investment projects

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  • Characterise an investment project in terms of its financial, economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • Estimate the profitability of an investment project.
  • Identify, measure and spread risks. Compare financing methods and their impacts on public resources
Programme pédagogique

Example of a programme achievable in 5 or 10 days

Topic 1 - The project's characteristics and its cost-benefit analysis

  • The project's fundamental characteristics and the authority's requirements.
  • The project's expected environmental, social and economic outcomes.
  • Resources (skills, information) to be mobilised in order to carry out the cost-benefit analysis.
  • Cost-benefit approach: comparing several scenarios in terms of performance and legal structure by means of a multi-criteria analysis.
  • Economic and financial analysis (net present value/internal rate of return/return on equity).

Topic 2 - Evaluating the PPP option

  • The project's financial sustainability:
    • defining the services provided by the private party;
    • cost of the service;
    • assessing the sustainability over a period to be defined.
  • Financing methods and evaluating financial risks.
  • Identifying, evaluating and spreading risks; risk mitigation and monitoring measures at each of the project's key stages.
  • Impact of the PPP option on the cost-benefit analysis:
    • transaction costs (feasibility, procedures, negotiations, monitoring); o performance deadlines (contractual/penalties);
    • exposure to tax risks and implications;
    • impact on public debt.
Public concerné
  • Members of national PPP units.
  • Executives from major works agencies.
  • Persons in charge of contract procurement units.
  • Officials from ministries responsible for public investment.
Bon à savoir
  • The fundamental objective of the process of selecting an investment project is to make sure that the project allows for the company to obtain the best possible result considering all of the benefits, costs and risks produced throughout the project's entire life, and regardless of the public order method (public procurement or PPP).
  • The next step is then to select the best financial arrangement to perform the project.

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