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Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts

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  • Build knowledge on the various conditions for public-private > partnerships.
  • Master the stages for preparing partnership projects.
  • Ensure contract set up, performance and monitoring.
  • Understand the conditions for overseeing and adjusting the PPP over time.
Programme pédagogique

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Topic 1 - The role of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in public procurement

  • Various types of PPPs including BOT, BOOT, and DBFO: partnership contract, public service delegation, administrative emphyteutic lease, temporary occupation permit coupled with a hirepurchase contract, etc.
  • Reason for interest in PPP:
    • a criterion for the public service mission, and the performance objectives of the partnership contract;
    • in the case of public service delegation: criteria such as investment, involvement of the delegation authority, balance of the service, and price to be paid by users. 
  • PPPs in African States' laws.

Topic 2 - Setting up a PPP

  • Choosing between the various forms of PPP:
    • simplified criteria to choose between the various forms of public service delegation;
    • prior evaluation of the partnership contract.
  • PPP contract procurement procedures:
    • publicity and calls for competition;
    • awarding criteria;
    • possibilities for negotiation.

Topic 3 - Ensuring a partnership contract

  • Drawing up the partnership contract: services, duration, risk sharing, performance objectives, rent, inspection conditions, sanctions and penalties, putting the contract under the authority of a third party, etc.
  • Financial aspects of a partnership contract.
  • PPP negotiations.
  • Risks of PPP-related disputes and claims:
    • role of the regulatory authority;
    • procedures for non-contentious settlement of disputes;
    • judicial appeal.
Public concerné
  • Persons in charge of defining the national development strategies.
  • Executives from major works agencies.
  • Officials from the ministries responsible for public investment.
  • Persons in charge within the contract procurement units.
  • Executives from contract performance regulation and supervision structures and agencies.
  • Legal advisers.

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