In House Courses

Managing time and priorities

Private sector management
  • Training in management, organise yourself in managing time and priorities

Training objectives

  • Master the concepts and tools to define priorities.
  • Improve your personal organisation.
  • Optimise the management of your professional time.

Training dates and location

  • To be defined according to your availability

Example of a programme achievable in 5 days

Topic 1 - Carrying out your self-diagnosis

  • Identifying the driving forces of your own time management: priorities and tools.
  • Spotting the main difficulties in time management.
  • Carrying out an assessment of your day and evaluating the achievement of your objectives.

Topic 2 - Improving your organisation

  • Clarifying your tasks and main activities.
  • Defining the priority criteria and prioritising tasks.
  • Managing interpersonal time (telephone, meetings, interviews).
  • Managing flows of information (emails, etc.).

Topic 3 - Setting up time management tools

  • Planning your days and managing unexpected events.
  • Optimising your schedule.
  • Managing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools.